Spirit Connection

Beth Ann Fisher

Spiritual Energy Consultant

Soul Reading

     Beth Ann can communicate with your soul through a heart connection. When she opens her heart to your aura, you become like an open book. Beth Ann is then able to experience your past, present and future relationships, life issues, and spirit guides. The information she receives comes from both your soul and your spirit guides. She does this in person or by phone.

Session Length: 1/2 - 1 hour


     Beth Ann is able to be a conscious channeler of spirit. The technique she uses is to open her heart-center to the spirit, which opens her energy to let the spirit come inside her. She channels the spirit group called "The Group of the White Light", which has over 30 guides, as well as angels. The group is willing to speak of personal issues and universal issues that the world is now dealing with at this time. They wish to bring insight and understanding about our personal journeys in this life and universal understanding about cosmic issues that are currently going on in our world. She has been channeling for over 17 years. She does this in person or by phone. 

Session Length: 1/2 - 1 hour

Beth Ann Fisher         (781) 740-1027         bethann@bethannfisher.com