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Thinner Band Hypnosis® Program

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Beyond Weight - 8 Private Sessions Personally Designed for You

Weight is Personally Unique

An exceptional, sophisticated, modernly fashionable weight management program directed to the subconscious mind to automatically and subconsciously, effortlessly and pleasantly create and control healthy and slimming eating habits. It is personally unique for each client brings to the program individual needs, causes, reasons and triggers for improper eating habits. Therefore, each session is specifically designed to address all that is brought to the office. The hypnotic gastric band or lap-band surgery is performed with hospital sound effects, and a pink golf ball and wrist medical alert band are used as further triggers to program the subconscious mind that the top portion of the stomach has now been “shrunk”, and shall again be tightened in the future with band adjustment. Invaluable techniques combat cravings, snacking, over eating and eating of improper foods. Self-esteem and self-confidence are strengthened and elevated to heights that continue rising day after day throughout life. The program’s goal is to enhance inner and outer images while effortlessly shedding pounds in a healthy and attractive fashion. This is truly a Life Enhancement Program for more than weight issues are resolved. It is our firm belief that to achieve permanence in many activities that we do in life, we must not only address the issue at hand but we must also learn to process stress properly and alleviate and eliminate negative emotions and subconscious influences in our lives which continue affecting the way we think and act. Learning to go beyond survivor mode and to achieve happiness and successful attitude in our lives. 

Client’s will receive a set of 6 powerful CD’s, which include:

  1. Affirmations for Shedding Pounds

  2. Eating Right

  3. Magical Island of My Dreams

  4. Weight Slenderizing Fortification

  5. Affirmations for Elevating Self-Esteem

  6. Stress Protection Mirror

The client will be able take the CD’s home to strengthen the work that has done with the hypnotist at each session, which will build the individual’s success rate with achievable results.

Here are some of the areas that will be covered in the 8 personalized sessions that will be from 60 - 90 minutes long:

  1. Confidential Interview

  2. Understanding of Hypnosis & the Subconscious mind

  3. Addictive aspects addressed

  4. Identify all conscious eating issues

  5. Setting reasonable weight goals

  6. Stressors/Triggers evaluation form

  7. Create Contract with Self, conscious mind and subconscious mind

  8. Learn self-hypnosis & Creating a Safe & Secret Place

  9. Hypnotic application of Imaginary Gastric Band

  10. Scripts for shredding pounds & avoiding harmful foods

  11. Learning to eliminate cravings, snacking, & overeating

  12. Learning to eliminate negative thinking

  13. Accentuate positive thinking

  14. Immediately enhance self-esteem

  15. Immediately enhance inner and outer images

  16. Determine why and when weight gain began

  17. Desensitization of past negative emotions

  18. Replace old negative image with new positive image

  19. Adjustment of Imaginary Gastric Band

  20. Set short and long term goals

  21. Create specific weight affirmations

  22. Relapse prevention

  23. Create a “Future Progression” ... new image of self

  24. Clear emotional blockages through energy stimulation

  25. General “Life” affirmations

  26. Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence Affirmations

  27. The “Mirror Technique” to combat daily stressors

Call or e-mail for further information and to set an appointment to start your new way of life.

Frequently asked Questions:

  1. What is hypnosis?

Simply put, hypnosis is a state of focused attention that allows a person to directly program their subconscious mind with positive empowering thoughts and behaviors. We use the state of hypnosis to program you to eat less, feel fuller faster and to have freedom from cravings and hunger pains.

  1. How does it work?

A person is relaxed through various personal techniques. Your conscious mind, the one that you are using right now, is relaxed to the point whereby it is by-passed, and you and the hypnotist can direct thoughts and images deeply and directly to the subconscious mind to create effortless, permanent and powerful changes in a person’s behaviors.

  1. Can I be hypnotized?

Approximately 97% of the public can be hypnotized. The 3% that cannot be hypnotized usually fall into two categories of mental disorders. You would need to choose to take the suggestions that the hypnotist is giving you. It is always by the choice of the client that the hypnosis works.

  1. How can hypnosis help me shed pounds?

We have learned over the years that willpower is never enough to overcome certain types of issues or problems. Our imaginary gastric band surgery programs your mind to feel fuller with much smaller portions. In addition, any emotional issues that lead to cravings and binging are addressed and neutralized with our powerful hypnotic techniques.

  1. How much weight can I lose?

As much as you’d like. Our program will help you reach your ideal weight, whether you would like to lose those last stubborn ten pounds or more than one hundred pounds. Our program is always custom-tailored to the needs of each individual client.

  1. Is hypnosis safe?

Absolutely. No one has ever been harmed from the use of hypnosis. And unlike risky operations, there are no side effects or complications.